Assalamu Alaykum Dear Customers,

Welcome to our Coronavirus Advice support article; a round up of any issues or concerns you may have with purchasing products from our website

We keep this information as up-to-date as possible, with information supplied to by our service providers which include our UK Warehouse, Royal Mail, FedEx, DPD & DHL.

We've outlined a list of questions and answers below including links to postal service websites.

1. I live in the UK, will my order be delivered?

All of our UK orders are sent using the Royal Mail UK postal service. Any disruptions to the Royal Mail UK service is posted on their website here. Currently all services are running as normal.

2. I live in the USA, will my order be delivered?

Yes, however as of Wednesday 25th March any orders shipping from the UK to the USA will be delivered by an economy service. This measure has been put in place by the UK Government and is outwith our control. This means that the delivery time will take 2-3 weeks. Our products are undated so if you do order and receive late it can be used in any year. We would also encourage you to buy locally from our US stockists they are listed here in no particular order: Sweetmoon, Siraj, With A Spin

3. I live internationally, will my order be delivered?

All orders to be delivered outside of the UK are delivered by the Royal Mail International postal service. Any disruptions to International deliveries are posted on the Royal Mail International service update page here. Please locate your country from the list to see if services are operating as normal. Currently all services are operating as normal except for USA deliveries.

4. I've made a bulk order, will my order be delivered?

Bulk orders are orders which are of 5 items or more. In this case we use different courier services for delivery. for UK orders we use DPD Courier Service, for European orders we also use DPD Courier Service, for USA and International orders we use FedEx or DHL Courier Services. All services are currently operating as normal. We have linked directly to their service update pages.

4. What steps have you taken for safety against the Coronavirus?

Our UK warehouse have taken the following precautions before parcels are packed and delivered:

  • Made anti-bacterial hand gel available in common places for staff and visitor usage
  • Swapped to a higher strength soap in all bathrooms
  • Put up signage to educate staff and visitors on the Coronavirus, and correct handwashing techniques
  • Included masks, thermometers and hand sanitisers in first aid kits
  • Introduced staff travel monitoring and policies, ensuring compliance with Public Health England advice
  • Monitored risks daily via Public Health England and GOV.UK
  • Increased the level of cleaning, to include more frequent cleans and surface disinfection
  • Made all of our suppliers aware of the above, and ensured they’re promoting good hygiene practices within their business
  • Changed shift patterns to reduce any risk
  • All staff with any symptoms are to self isolate for 7 days or 14 days

5. Will my parcel delivery be delayed?

Currently there are no delays to service however please keep an eye on the services linked in the questions above for any delays. Given the circumstances deliveries are expected to be delayed by 2-3 days as all delivery services adjust to this challenging time. Please be patient during this time.