Since the inception of Towards Faith (formerly Ramadan Legacy), we have gone above and beyond to keep prices as low as possible for all our customers. In fact, we have not changed many of our prices since we began!

However, we are currently faced with a decision we did not foresee or expect we would ever have to make; since the beginning of the pandemic, our costs have dramatically increased. From the cost of shipping our goods around the world to the cost of the paper and materials used across our product ranges, there has been at least a 30% increase.

The industry as a whole is facing an increase in costs across the whole supply chain, from natural recourses and their limited availability in this current climate, to soaring energy prices and a rise in shipping fees. Furthermore, the global pandemic, coupled with the challenge of customs and Brexit have also impacted every aspect of the publishing supply chain.

It is fair to say that no part of the publishing supply chain is unaffected by this unprecedented crisis.

Therefore, we have not taken this decision lightly and understand that to ensure long-term sustainability and to continue providing our customers with high-quality faith-based journals and products, the time has come when we must now raise our prices. 

Thank you for understanding and JazakAllah khayr for your continued support.